Next Bed Mechanism Ideas

The Next Bed wallbed mechanism is a great way to get the convenience of a wallbed into a difficult space, such as a recessed wall cavity or wardrobe. In the photos below, Space Wise Furniture installed the Next Bed wallbed mechanism into the wall recess - the customer added their own doors at a later date - and turned this attic room into an occasional bedroom. The Next Bed mechanism is fixed into the base of the wall or floor. As the mechanism doesn’t rely on being mounted inside cabinetry, it is ideal for being used as the centrepiece of custom cabinetry, in place where an Alpha Bed wallbed isn’t suitable.

In another case, a tricky design in a small one bedroom apartment, meant using spare cupboard space for a Next Bed - which fitted perfectly in the wardrobe, opposite laundry space that was built into another cupboard. The Single Next Bed wallbed mechanism slotted into this tight space perfectly. This wardrobe was around 470 millimetres deep, leaving plenty of space for the wallbed frame and a comfortable mattress.